Real-Time Location Tracking
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  • Description

    Smart Alarm Alert System (SAAS) is a complete wireless call system based on the latest radio frequency technology - LoRa. It has a long range providing communication up to 10 km. The power consumption is low, providing up to 5 years of battery life. SAAS is easy to install, intuitive to use and flexible. User can import different floor maps and set differenct alert sounds for alarms without re-programming. SAAS follows the design guidelines incorporated in safety standards like CE (Europe), HKCA-1078, UL, FCC (US) and UKCA. It is fully supervised to provide a reliable solution.

    25" Digital Signage

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    • Model: EL-CDU-TV
    • Input power: DC 12V@5A
    • Wall-mount or desktop
    • Call history logs with colorful performance indicator
    • Pocsage pager output (optional)
    • User floor map editable
    • User configurable sound tracks for different alarms
    • Remote accessible
    • Duplicates all call information in real-time to multiple locations such as corridors and superviser room
    • CE and UKCA safety certified

    Wireless Bedhead Call Point

    • Model: EL-WCP
    • Replaceable battery: ER18505 (4000mAh)
    • Battery life: 1 years (depends on usage)
    • Low battery alert
    • Red and Green re-assurance LED visible alert
    • Buzzer audible alert
    • 6.35mm mono Input Jack for handset / bed pad / floor map
    • Indoor RF range: 100M (open air: 1KM)
    • Radio freqency: 433 / 868 / 915 / 923 (MHz)
    • 5 big and colourful buttons (Emergency, Alarm, Presence, Assistance, Reset)
    • Handset cable length: 2M
    • CE and UKCA safety certified

    Mobile Wristband

    • Model: EL-IRX
    • Replaceable battery: CR2477 (1000 mAh)
    • Battery life: 3 years (10 calls per day)
    • Green re-assurance LED visible alert
    • Low battery alert
    • Remove skin alert
    • Indoor IR range: 8M
    • Work with EL-WCP to provide location information
    • IP65 water-proof design
    • CE and UKCA safety certified